It's easy you say ... I agree to this but let us do our job and describe to you how to manage your joomla extensions, either it's a component, a plugin, a module or a template.

Load plugin in module

If you got here for sure you are wondering why isn't any plugin working for modules. Let me tell you why, because not many need this on Joomla, but if you do this is one of the tricks that you can do it.

Reset joomla admin password

If you have a joomla website it's imposible that you have never forgotten your Super Administrator password, or your website has been hacked and your password was changed. It's an life saving tutorial :) if you want to take back control over you own site, so focus and read it carefully.

Joomla generator tag

Many Joomla webmasters wonder how they can remove the anoying generator tag from the source code. Well I think you will find allover the internet the metod with the line of code in the index.php file from your temaplte that you need to insert, we will show you an alternative method.